About TLM

The Laughing Mom

The Laughing Mom

Hello –  I am Anne, the Mom of The Laughing Mom. And here are those random facts that you thought you may find here:

  • I love to laugh, but think that my laughter has been lost a bit and needs to be restored
  • I have a wonderful husband that I think the world of and am thankful for the nearly 15 years we have been married & the 20+ years we have been together
  • We have 2 wonderful little boys that think they rule the roost, but I work at convincing them otherwise
  • I am a die-hard Red Sox fan, as is every member of the Laughing Family
  • I also love the New England Patriots and enjoy watching football more than baseball.
  • I could live on lobster. Seriously.
  • I am from Maine – grew up there, went to college there, got married there, and then ran away in search of a better job.
  • I was a computer teacher for 13 years before staying home to be Mommy
  • I am a self-proclaimed geek girl.
  • I love Moxie – and thank my Grampa for always having a bottle in the fridge.
  • I could drive a standard in an emergency if I had to, but an automatic is a must when it comes to car buying.
  • I lived on a dirt road 25 miles from school from 7th grade-12th grade. Yep – that kind of Maine.
  • I am a couponer. I am into couponing. I coupon. Or however you want to say it.
  • No, I am not like that – I am a SANE coupon user, thank you very much.
  • I love TV. And so do my kids. And I am OK with that.
  • I listen to country music. A lot. But that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to, buy & sing along to other music as well.
  • And by sing I really don’t mean sing. Be thankful my windows are rolled up when you are stopped beside me in traffic.
  • And I am that girl that you saw that was standing backwards on the people mover (moving walkway) at Universal Studios back in 2000 that didn’t know the walkway was coming to an end and so when it did I fell right over backwards. Right onto the ground. On my back. And didn’t know what hit me. And then there were 23894787 other people also arriving at the end of the walkway that needed to get off and there I was on the ground blocking their departure. Oh what a mess. Yep – that was me.
  • I also fell out of my chair in front of a computer lab of kids on 2 separate occasions. Yep – that was me.

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