Holy Dust, Batman!

photo courtesty elycefeliz

photo courtesty elycefeliz

Wow, is this place dirty, dingy, and dusty! I guess that happens when it’s abandoned for 9 months! Yes  – NINE months! And, no, I did not forget about this place, I just let myself get sidetracked, and I let myself procrastinate, and I just decided to do other things for a while. But the whole time I would think of things I wanted to write about and kept lists in my head of things to bring here. But, alas, the sidetracking & procrastinating won out. Until now.

Now, I am back. Or so I say. Let’s see how this goes. Thankfully there really is no cleaning to do to get back to things around here. Cleaning is something I would rather leave to the professionals!

So – what kicked off my neglect and utter abandonment of my blog? My husband! Yes – this is ALL the Laughing Dad’s fault. (Not much different than anything else, right? 🙂 ) The last I posted the Laughing Dad was still working in Canada and we were seeing him only on weekends. But I no sooner made that last post back in May when the most wonderful thing happened – he got A NEW JOB!! And for quite some time we were in shock and doubting his (our) good fortune.

His new job is just SEVEN miles from our house. Yes – 7 MILES! That’s a 10 minute trip. TEN MINUTES!! For the first 6 months or so he was home BEFORE 5:00 every day! Now it’s more like 5:15 when he gets home. But, still, he’s home every single day!! That’s not to say there’s no travel, because there is. But in 9 months he’s been gone a total of 10 nights. That’s it – just 10 nights. 5 of those were a trip to London, and were honestly the longest 5 nights of my life.  But oh how sweet it is to return to a “normal” family again.

He’s home every night. He can play with the Laughing Boys every day. He’s not grumpy and tired all weekend from the travel home and from knowing he has to leave again on Monday. He does the dishes after dinner. He mows the lawn. I sleep better knowing he’s beside me each night. In fact, in a very un-motherlike fashion, I have not woken on 3 or 4 separate occasions when one of the boys has woken up crying. Dads tend to be the ones that sleep through those things, not the Mom! I am so much more rested, relaxed, and at ease with having him here and getting back to normal family life.

A new job, close to home, some travel but not much, a raise, and did I mention close to home! It’s amazing! It was not a fluke, or too good to be true. It was real, he is in fact no longer traveling to Canada weekly, and every day we are thankful for this opportunity & this change.

So back to normal. We didn’t have to hire someone to mow the lawn last summer. We didn’t have to hire a plow guy this winter. The trash & recyclables get taken out regularly and not by me! And the boys – the Laughing Boys are happy. Beyond happy, in fact. And that happiness is the best thing to see out of this. Each and every day is still exciting for them knowing that Daddy will be home in time for dinner. We joke around here that “If the Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” But, the truth is, seeing our two little men be so happy is what makes us all happy in this family.


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