Travelin’ Man


Courtesy audioeric

The Laughing Dad started traveling each and every week to Calgary for work 14 months ago. He has traveled quite a bit for his job for the last few years, but was always based in a Boston office and traveled to check on projects, or secure more work for the company, and so on. In 2010 he spent a lot of time in Vancouver, and for a while was there every other week. But over the course of the year he was never gone for more time than he was home.

He has been with his current company for 3 years now, but about 6 months in there were some staffing changes, reorganization, etc. and his job changed. They no longer needed him for what he was hired for, but could use him in other capacities on jobs they had – jobs that were nowhere near Boston.

In fact, in the days and weeks prior to the beginning of this Calgary thing, we were *this* close to going to Australia for 6 months. At that time the only thing they seemed to have for him to do was to work on a job there. Now this is a worldwide company with offices and work everywhere, but no one can seem to find something for my civil engineer to do that’s anywhere in the continental US, let alone even our own time zone.

(I will admit I had no desire to go to Australia for 6 months, for many more reasons than I care to get into right now, but the one bright spot in it all was that we were basically going to live on a beach watching surfer dudes train for our entire stay there. That is something I could have lived with!!)

Anyway… back to the point of this.

Laughing Boy #1 seems to have taken these last 14 months much harder than his brother has. His behavior since the start of this has taken a nose dive, and every Monday when the Laughing Dad leaves turns into a nightmare of a day as the behavior for each one is a nightmare.

And after all of this time LB#1 has come up with a plan. He is going to start traveling with the Laughing Dad! He spied Lightning McQueen suitcases at the mall a couple weeks ago and thought they were the coolest things – and then the wheels started spinning. He now has grand plans to get one, and has asked me to take him shopping for a shirt and a tie. He has decided if he gets a suitcase, and a shirt, and a tie, then the can go with the Laughing Dad each week and no longer be separated from him.

It’s cute. And it’s funny. And it breaks my heart. Poor little man. We are thankful that the Laughing Dad is employed, but this situation has been very tough on our family. And to see that evidence through the eyes of LB#1 is even tougher.


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