Just Keep Swimming

Regal Blue Tang

Courtesy San Diego Shooter

Same thing I started my last post with: No, no, I have not abandoned ship. I am still here, just been sidetracked I guess. My head has been in a bit of a different place since my Mom died and I am just dealing with it in my own way I guess.

It has been 3 months not since my Mom died, and I am keeping myself occupied. So much so that a friend said to me just yesterday “you don’t let any grass grow, do you?  I never knew that about you!”. Boy do I have her fooled! I am a self-admitted procrastinator, and love to be lazy. But as of late I’ve needed to keep busy. I have certainly noticed this change – I used to love and sit and do nothing if I had the chance, and now I just can’t seem to sit still. I am constantly looking for something to do.

And I think it it all comes back to losing my Mom. Keeping busy keeps my mind occupied. And an occupied mind obsesses more about all of the things I have going on than obsessing about how much I miss my Mom.

So I now have

  • painted the living room
  • painted the master bedroom
  • painted the guest room
  • painted the master bath
  • painted the guest bath
  • tried countless recipes I have found on Pinterest
  • tried a few crafty things I have found on Pinterest.
  • replaced the vanity, mirror & wall cabinet in the master bath when I painted that room
  • bought & assembled a bed from IKEA for the guest room
  • been working on the stripe design I will paint in my boys’ room next week
  • have a color picked for the dining room and will paint that in the next week or so as well
  • started tomatoes with the boys for our first gardening project

But I have let other things slide – like this blog, and another I keep for family to document the trials and tribulations of the laughing boys, and sometimes I ignore the taming of our resident dust bunnies. I don’t want to keep busy with the “normal” stuff, I want something more fun to do than “normal”. (And painting sure is fun!)

But, the Laughing Family is making sure we continue with normal – like Laughing Boy #1 riding his bike off our 6 foot retaining wall, and LB#2 splitting his lip open on a 90° day during a freak accident with a toy snowman. Yes – still the “normal” Laughing Mom, just with a side of please keep my mind occupied.


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