Photo courtesy Lottery Monkey

No, no, I have not abandoned ship. I am still here, just been sidetracked I guess. My head has been in a bit of a different place since my Mom died and I am just dealing with it in my own way I guess. Mostly just with keeping busy puttering around the house, working on some projects, and with getting sucked into all things Pinterest and trying out some fun new things I’ve found on there as well.

I am currently working on painting nearly every room in the house with the help of a good friend. Not only has she inherited & picked up the eye and talent of her interior designer Mom, but she’s more than willing to help a friend choose color, choose accents, rearrange furniture, and even help with all the painting, too! Now THAT is a good friend! So far we have painted the living room and master bedroom, and have colors chosen for 2 other bedrooms, 2 baths, the dining room, and a potential color for the family room. Lots to do!

And I am a woman with a mission! The Laughing Dad and I have made a list of things we eventually want to do or get for the house. Some are big ticket items like replace all the windows & install central air. Others are minor like a new mirror for the boys’ bathroom. But painting is something I can tackle, isn’t all that expensive (OK, it is adding up a bit…), and makes me feel like I’ve accomplished A LOT and makes me more willing to hold off on trying to get our list done at once. This is our house for the next 20 years (or that’s the plan, anyway), so we can work on the list here & there and I know we don’t need to do it all right now. But that sure would be fun!

I’ve also been sucked into Pinterest. Not as much as some of my friends on there – but I certainly have been enjoying it. So many wonderful ideas about EVERYTHING! I’ve been pinning a lot, but so far the only things I’ve actually tried are a few recipes (hello, cream puff cake!!!), and a few little crafty things as well. I wonder how long it will be before I start pinning “nailed it” pics from my own hilarious failures? But the cooking and such has kept me puttering, and has kept me busy, and has just kept me going.

Oh, yes, I certainly have plenty to do around here with the LB’s – don’t get me wrong. But I think I’ve needed some overload just to keep my mind occupied about “stuff” – if that makes sense. Although I think about my Mom constantly, it’s the keeping busy that’s kept me from slipping down a slippery slope.

And sometimes those things can happen faster than we realize.

Just like with the passage of time. Faster than we realize.

And just like that I wonder where the last three years has gone.

LB#2 turned 3 years old right at the end of February- and I still can’t believe he’s any older than just a few months! Boy that went fast! His birth was a turning point in our family – when he was born I stopped teaching and became a SAHM. When LB#1 was born I took 4 months maternity leave (Dec-Mar), returned to work to finish the school year (and found out I was pregnant again the first day of summer vacation!), and then returned to school from September until February and left on leave just before he was born. I took the remainder of the year as leave, and then took a one year leave of absence for the following school year. But when it was time to inform my school if I would be returning or not for the next school year after that I told them thanks, but no thanks.

So here I am three years later with a 3 year old, and his older brother who isjust 15 months older than that.. And what a ride it has been!

LB#2 is the mischievous, devilish, and cheeky 2nd child – the one that we sometimes joke about being an only child had be been born first! He has that devilish gleam in his eye – and the lives up to it and then some! He’s a daredevil, too, and is always scaring me with his antics. He’s a turkey, a meatball, and a boatload of trouble. And he’s all mine!

He’s also the cuddle-bug out of the two boys. LB#1 likes a good cuddle session here and there, but LB#2 tends to give more cuddles and be more cuddly all through the day. And I soak it all up every chance I can get. He hugs like there’s no tomorrow, and gives kisses with reckless abandon. A Mom’s dream come true.

He’s a mini-version of the Laughing Dad – nearly a carbon copy if you compare pictures of them. It’s uncanny. He has his Dad’s deep, dark eyes. And even thought LB#1 has gorgeous blue eyes, all of the girls always comment about the beautiful dark eyes LB#2 has whenever I am out with him anywhere.

And today, out of the blue, he stopped me in my tracks and I nearly started bawling in the middle of Home Goods. He looked at me with those brown eyes and spoke in a soft, sad voice (I even thought he was going to cry) “Mommy, if you and Daddy die we won’t have any family left.”

And there I was wondering just what to say after we were done hugging, and wondering what new recipe I could find on Pinterest to escape with.


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