When’s Our Day?

Steve's Birthday Party

Courtesy nhanusek

Apparently my kids, or at least LB#1, think there’s some inequality around here and they want theirs! And since this isn’t the first time he has brought this up I think he means business on this one.

As I was clearing the table from dinner this evening LB#1 turned in his chair a bit to see me better, draped an arm over the chair, appeared to look about 15, and came out with this:
“Mom, do you remember a back a while ago we had Mommy Day and we got you lobsters, and then we had Daddy day and we bought Daddy presents? Well, is LB#1 & LB#2 Day EVER going to get here? We’ve been waiting a really super long time!”

Oh, yes – I worked hard to not laugh right at him! Sorry – but I did. He was just so cute, and so serious – and of course I know all so well that EACH day is LB#1 & LB#2 Day! Too bad he doesn’t.

And he has asked this before – probably about a month after Father’s Day he asked when their days were. Makes complete sense when you are preschooler, I suppose, that if Mom & Dad get special days then kids should, too

So I tried to talk to him rationally – and of course started with they get special things all the time – trips to fun places, and family outings to do things, and new toys just for fun now & then, and lots of good things all the time. They are the kids so they get all the fun. And then I said Mommy & Daddy don’t get the fun & toys all the time like they do, so we get just 1 day to be special and have fun and be the kid a bit.

He didn’t buy it. Just gave me that look like “Go ahead, think that if you want, Mother, but your tactics are not going to derail me from my mission to get more fun, and more cake.”

Which was proven when his mouth opened and said “So when is LB#1 & LB#2 Day?”

Yep, he’s on a mission on this one.


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