I Have A Secret

Froggy & Puppy fresh from the dryer

Froggy & Puppy fresh from the dryer

The two Laughing Boys each have a “friend” that is near & dear to them, takes all of their worries away, and is a MUST for a good night’s sleep. Please meet Froggy & Puppy. They are very lovable, are great cuddlers, and make no messes! These are cute little character blankies that are about 13×13 and are from Angel Dear and are the perfect size for a special friend.

Froggy was bought for LB#1 before he was born, and protectively watched over LB#1 from the edge of the crib for the first couple of months after he was born. And then we started giving Froggy to LB#1, and we would have Froggy when we cuddled LB#1, and very quickly a love affair was born.

Up until a month ago LB#1 was a thumbsucker – something that started at about 3 months, and ended very easily and quickly just after his 4th birthday. And when the thumb was in the mouth he NEEDED something soft in his hands as well. And if he was in bed it was Froggy and only Froggy. The one rule to Froggy (and Puppy) – they ARE NOT allowed out of bed. OK – they do come with the boys when they crawl in bed with us in the morning, but once we get up job #1 is to return them to bed. We wanted this comforting, soothing friend to be associated with sleeping and therefore he is bed-bound.

The same thing happened with Puppy & LB#2. LB#2 got Puppy as a baby and quickly fell in love with that cute little face. He used to hold him by the ears and shake him up & down like crazy while babbling cute baby nonsense – it was adorable! LB#2 loves to “smell” puppy – he holds Puppy’s soft ears up to his nose & mouth and smells and feels him as he soothes himself to sleep. And same rules – he is a bed friend only.

Oh, they do have 2 other favorites each that get dragged around our house all day, but when the head to bed at night the 2 friends are placed beside the pillow and the little hands grab onto Puppy & Froggy as tight as they can.

But I have a secret. We actually own a total of 3 Froggys and 2 Puppys!! And only the Laughing Dad & I know this! For each boy we got a spare, and because LB#1 was in daycare until LB#2 came along we got a 3rd Froggy that spent they week at daycare with him. But they have NO IDEA more than one exists! NONE! Their beloved friends are always on their beds, never disappear, and never look dirty! I carefully swap out clean ones every couple of weeks and give the other a wash – and carefully tuck away the clean ones until they are needed again.

So am I weird that I do this? I sucked my thumb as a kid and had a blankie – I actually had 2 that were “identical” and I knew of both of them. But to me they were NOT the same and I had a favorite. I actually still own them – they are in a box being kept for some strange sentimental reason. I came across them when I was packing to move back in October, and at age 39 I still know which one is the “good” one!

Maybe I don’t want to deal with that favorite stuff I know I tortured my Mom with? Maybe I want them to not have their special love for these guys ruined by knowing there’s more than one? Or am I just strange?

Who knows. Maybe if they ever find out they’ll have issues over it, and about Santa & the Easter Bunny, too. Oh – and LB#1 asked about the Tooth Fairy today. Great.


2 thoughts on “I Have A Secret

  1. You are very wise having more than one. MissSunshine had bunny… bunny was all of 4 inches high and made of white terry cloth. Bunny was lost once and no one slept… it was heartbreaking. Now I always tell my friends when they become new moms to get multiples of whatever lovey their child attaches too… it is essential for good sleep, peace of mind for mum and dad. So, no you are not strange at all!

    I had a bun bun too… my mother threw away or lost? ( it’s still not clear )the original. Oh the horror! My nannie had one she bought and saved for my graduation from high school. What a kind soul! I still sleep with bun bun today… much to Mr. B’s dismay! 😉

  2. We have a Winnie The Pooh that has significant meaning from the days when the Laughing Dad & I were dating – he sleeps with me each night as well. Good to know I’m not weird about that, either. 🙂

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