One Of Them Was Bound To Ask


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I love my children – duh. Love, love, love them. Once we had LB#1 I wondered why on Earth we waited so long to have babies. Oh my was he the center of the universe, or what?! And then we had another right away and I just couldn’t get over the joy of being a Mom. This is bliss. OK – so I am leaving out lots of stories about sleepless nights, and baby poop, and sore nipples, and exhaustion, and, and, and… but much like labor itself you tend to forget some of that stuff because the bliss of your new child is just so awesome.

I even loved being pregnant. It was wonderful. No – really! I enjoyed it! I admit LB#2 was a little tougher on me physically and I was ready for him to arrive about 2 months before he did, but I loved pregnancy. Although I have LB#1 & LB#2, there was actually a 3rd pregnancy before we were blessed with LB#1. And as much sorrow as I carry in my heart for that pregnancy, I also love that one as well and carry it in my heart always.

But – 2 kids is my limit! I know – from the way I babble you would think that I would have 4, or 8, or 15! I should be a reality show! But I do have some common sense and like the bit of sanity I try to hold on to. So two is it. The Family motto: The number of children shall not outnumber the parents or the hands of the mother! So when LB#2 was barely 3 months old The Laughing Dad took a trip to see a man with some scissors and the Laughing Baby factory was closed for good. A decision we both knew what the right thing to do for our family.

Fast forward to 2012, LB#1 is exactly 4yr 2 months, and LB#2 turns 3 one month from today. Life is good, albeit crazy. But it’s good. We are a happy little family of 4 and I like it that way. But maybe not all of us…

LB#1: Hey Mommy, get me a kid!
Me: A kid? What do you mean a kid?
LB#1: You know – A KID. Like me and LB#2 – a kid!
Me: I don’t understand still – you want a kid?
LB#1: Yes – a kid so I can have another brother!
Me: (crap, this is the I Want A Sibling Convo… how to deflect?) A brother? What about LB#2?
LB#1: Meh… we can keep him, but I want another brother to play with.
Me: Well, our family is complete with you, me, LB#2 and The Laughing Dad – I’m afraid I can’t just get you another “kid”.
LB#1: But I want one.
Me: Well, sorry to break it to you, but it just doesn’t work that way. I just can’t “get” you one. This is the family you’ve got and that’s it.
LB#1: But I want one. Can’t you just get one on your computer like you buy other stuff?
Me: (I guess he knows I shop a lot…) Sorry Buddy, this really is our family and how it’s going to stay, and no, brothers and sisters just don’t happen that way.

And THANKFULLY, as I sat there realizing the door I opened, he did not ask just how they do happen and kind of sulked off a bit!

But there it is – the first time one of them asked for a sibling. And thank goodness it didn’t turn into the first time one of them asked where babies come from.


One thought on “One Of Them Was Bound To Ask

  1. From my experience the where do the babies come from is easier with boys… it kinda grosses them out! Mine said, with hands over ears, “OKay, that’s enough… I don’t want to know!” and promptly ran away… so here’s hoping it goes that easily for you. It always seems to happen at an earlier age than we as parents are comfy with so… the longer they wait the better. 😉

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