Auld Lang Syne

party streamers

Courtesy Aubrey Arenas

2011 was not a terrible year. Yes, we lost our 2 beloved kitties and miss them dearly. Yes, The Laughing Dad started traveling to Calgary – and at first was home just every other weekend, but we were lucky that he was able to change his schedule so he’s now home every weekend. Still not ideal – but we keep our fingers crossed for that “normal” job somewhere around here. Yes, selling our house & buying another was nearly a full-time job for me for a good part of the year and took too much time away from being able to do other things. And I hated that part. I call it the year of the cardboard box.

But so many fun things happened. And we played and got out and did stuff whenever we had a chance. And we are a very lucky & blessed family for all that we have and do – and for each other.

And while it may be easier to list why 2011 was not so great and to wish it good riddance, I thought to take the “glass half full” look at it and remember some of the highlights. And by highlights I of course mean that most everything has to do with the boys!

  • The boys got twin beds
  • We had snow deeper than the boys were tall
  • Laughing boy #2 turned 2
  • Baby gates were taken down – for good
  • Laughing Boy #1 started being less afraid (or stopped being afraid) of so many things
  • The Laughing Dad and I celbrated 20 years of being together
  • A FOR SALE sign was planted on the front lawn
  • The boys got new scooters and new bikes
  • Laughing Boy #2 got all of his teeth in
  • Laughing Boy #1 started being able to write his name
  • We got a season pass to MA state parks for the first time and used it endlessly as we spent the whole summer at the beach
  • I once again went to a Red Sox game with some of my wonderful Delta Zeta sisters
  • My baby brother got married!
  • We took the boys to the movies for the first time
  • We took the boys swimming in the ocean for the first time
  • The Laughing Dad turned 44
  • Laughing Boy #1 kicked the sippy cup habit
  • We had a weekend inside watching the wind whip outside from a hurricane
  • Laughing Boy #1 started preschool
  • We made our annual trek to the Woodstock Fair & loved it as always
  • Our house went under contract & we found a house to buy!
  • I turned 39
  • Laughing Boy #1 went on his first field trip which included his first school bus ride
  • We went apple picking in the fall again this year
  • We took the boys to the theater for the first time to see a play
  • Laughing Boy #1 started going potty at school & wearing underwear at school
  • We no longer own cribs, rocking chairs, big strollers, changing tables or anything “baby”
  • We packed up our whole house & moved into our new one
  • The Laughing Dad and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary
  • Laughing Boy #1 turned 4
  • We cut our own Christmas tree – a first for the boys
  • Laughing Boy #1 started going potty at home and hasn’t gone in a pull-up since
  • We had a wonderful Christmas in our new house

And although colds, pneumonia, ear infections, and a sinus infection have plagued us since Halloween, we are generally healthy, happy, smiley and ready to make another list of milestones and adventures for 2012!


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