You Saw What?!?

Dancers (119)

Courtesy CR Artist

The Laughing Dad and Laughing Boy #1 went out to a local mall for a couple hours yesterday afternoon to do a little Christmas shopping. Not only did they need to do some shopping, but Laughing Boy #2 and I have both been sick – and their being out of the house gave me a little down time while LB#2 was napping.

When they got home LB#1 came though the house to find us before even taking off his coat & hat. He found us upstairs taking care of some laundry and he came bounding down the hall hollering “Mommy! Mommy! Guess what!?!?!!!!”

“What is it Laughing Boy #1”

“Daddy and I saw girls dancing on tables!!” And this was exclaimed with hands in the air and a giant smile on his face. He was sooooo excited to tell me this!

I have to admit I suspected something innocent, but my 4 year old comes home from an afternoon with Daddy to report seeing girls dancing on tables?? This is what great stories are made of!!

The funny part (well, another funny part) is that the Laughing Dad heard him report this – the baby monitor was still on from LB#2’s nap time and he was busting a gut over the way he told me what they saw – and was already preparing his “I can explain this, Honey” story.

Apparently there was a dance school at the mall doing a performance on a stage in the center of the mall – we have seen this there before.

But LB#1’s mind came out with “girls dancing on tables” and I wondered for a moment if the local “ballet” establishments had extra business that afternoon and if I should check everyone’s piggy banks to see if they had any dollar bills missing!


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