Hey, Those Are OURS!


Courtesy atomicity

Our old house was a little 3BR, 1.5BA ranch. The half bath was in the basement and RARELY used. All 4 of used the only full bath on the main floor, and it was THE tiniest bathroom on earth! There was a SMALL vanity with a toilet beside it. And across from those was the tub. And that’s it. When sitting on the toilet your knees almost touched the tub.

Oh – and it was a Hollywood bathroom – 2 doors in & out! It was at the end of the center hall sandwiched between a bedroom and the kitchen. So if you were at the end of the hall you could go into a bedroom or the bathroom, and from there you could go out into the kitchen if you wanted.

The only storage was the very small vanity and one very small wall cabinet/shelf that really only held a couple of items. So we had to be creative, and we had to use all the possible real estate in there. In fact, each month a box of tampons would reside in a tucked away place on the floor on the far side of the toilet. Under the sink was not only packed, but the doors also had a safety lock on them which made getting things out of there (once seated!) a bit tough. So therefore the need to have them somewhere accessible. And of course this meant that they were in sight of 2 Laughing Boys – who ALWAYS wanted to know what they were and if they were for them to play with in the bath.

Fast forward to our new house – 2 full baths and 2 half baths! We have 3 floors of peeing freedom! And a MASTER BATH! A GIANT master bath! It’s nearly as big as the 3rd bedroom of our old house! And it’s glorious! Giant linen closet, large vanity, lots of room to sit without hitting your knees on the tub! What more could a girl ask for?!?!!! But, the vanity is wide and therefore has wide doors. Which means that from the toilet I really can’t get into the cabinets – I can’t reach!

Since no one outside the 4 of use uses that bathroom the box of tampons is still on the floor. Go figure this would be how it works here as well.

And my Laughing Boys – particularly LB#2 – had a total fit the other day! He came in, saw the box, and yelled at me “Hey, those are OURS!!” I hadn’t a clue as to what he was yelling about, so I asked what the deal was. He pointed to the tampons and said “these are ours!” and then grabbed the box and started to walk away with them! WTF??!! So I asked him again what was going on. He told me those were theirs – they were in their bathroom at our old house so they should be in their bathroom at our new house. And he again started to walk away with my tampons!

And by that point LB#1 had arrived to check out the commotion, caught the gist of the conversation, and seconded the “those are OURS!” proclamation!

And what a laughing fit I had!! They were SOOOOO serious about this! So we had a talk about how the old bathroom was for everyone, but those were Mommy’s, so now they had to go in Mommy’s bathroom. They were not too happy, and LB#2 acted as though he had to be compensated in some other way for the loss of this box. Like if I wanted them back then I needed to trade him for something!

Oh my poor, confused boys. Now I just sit and wait until one of them (likely LB#1) decides at the most inopportune moment that he needs to share the story about the box of stuff in the bathroom that’s for Mommy & her bathroom and how they don’t get them in their bathroom anymore. You know it will happen. Mommy’s Law.


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