Brotherly Love

children keep out

Courtesy Terry Freedman

We are very lucky that our two Laughing Boys get along as well as they do. Now, I am not claiming that they kiss and hug and fawn all over each other all the time. They do fight over toys, as most siblings will do. And Laughing Boy #1 likes to be the one to be first at doing something, and likes to make the first choice when getting something, and likes to be the one who decides what they will do. And Laughing Boy #2 loves to push his big brother’s buttons and get him riled up. But aside from that “normal” stuff they do get along fairly well.

They enjoy playing with various toys like cars & trains with each other, and making up stories and situations and pretending they are saving the world. They like to have each other along when they head to the playroom, or head to their bedroom, or are getting ready to head out outside. They (when not beating on each other) do show concern when the other gets hurt doing something. They can even share nicely from time to time even when not prompted to do so!

They even share a room nicely! At our old house they had separate rooms and that was OK and worked just fine. But when we moved we put them in a room together, even though our new house has more bedrooms than the older one! And they are great roomies  and like being in there together!

But yesterday Laughing Boy #1 lodged what seemed to be a formal complaint about his little brother. He told me flat out “Laughing Boy #2 ruins everything! He always touches my toys, so we fight. And he always gets in the way when I’m trying to do something. And Mommy, he never listens to you.”

I put on my serious face as he told me, and we had a good discussion about how nice it is to have a brother, and what a nice brother he is.

But on the inside I was doing: bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!

“My brother ruins everything!” How many times are we going to hear that over the next 15+ years?!??!?!!?!

And that “he never listens to you” part was RICH…. LB#1 is THE king of not listening!!!!

And hello…. pot – meet kettle!! I could have easily swapped out which Laughing Boy was saying this  – it’s just that #1 is older and can much more easily express these kinds of things.

Just wondering now how long it will take before a KEEP OUT sign appears on their bedroom door as one tries to banish the other.


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