Toilet Training is Important

Courtesy Jari Schroderus

Tonight I am grinning from ear to ear! I am smiling like there’s no tomorrow! I am giddy! Yes – I am even laughing!

I had written a post last summer about potty training Laughing Boy #1, or rather the lack thereof.

Here’s where we were at with him and why it was so frustrating from the parenting side. If you look at it he was essentially potty trained – just chose to go in the pull up and not the toilet.

  • He knows when he has to go, will stop, stand just so, and go in his pull-up, often announcing at the same time he is going – so he completely knows when he has to and how to
  • He can hold it if he needs to – he usually will only pee while we are at home, so won’t go while we are out and will hold it – which means he’s ready to hold it until we can get to a restroom
  • He doesn’t like to be wet and knows it’s not right and wants to be changed as soon as he goes – so he gets the discomfort of wetting yourself
  • He wakes in the night to get out of bed and pee in his overnight pull-up, asks to be changed, and goes back to bed – so he’s certainly ready to get up in the night and go when he needs to

But he just won’t go IN the toilet. Won’t.

But he started pre-school at the end of August. And at the end of October he started peeing at school – IN THE TOILET! By mid-November he started wearing underwear to school and  no longer keeps pull-ups there. But all of this was at school. Even just 2 weeks ago he had a meltdown here at home one night at bath time when he announced he had to pee just as I was about to put him in the tub and I said to just go in the potty.

But Wednesday night at bath time he said he had to pee and that he wanted to go in the potty – and he did! And then woke Thursday morning and went again – and peed on the potty the ENTIRE day. Even at Sears and Panera while we were out shopping and having lunch with friends! He woke last night, peed in the potty, and went back to bed. And then today was a school day so he was great there, but before and after school he peed on the potty at home!!

Yes – I am again giving a blow by blow – and it’s about peeing. But with all that we have gone through with this kid I can’t begin to explain just how truly excited, happy and PROUD I am of him.

Now if we can just get #1 to #2 on the potty…


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