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Courtesy strangelibrarian

Well, the roller coaster continues, but the ride is a tad more enjoyable at the moment.

Yes, we have a buyer for our house, and thankfully we have a house to buy! The house we took the LaughingDad to see is indeed the one we got. And, yes, this one is certainly THE one. After all that drama of the house we didn’t get everyone kept saying all that crap about it wasn’t meant to be, something better was out there, there was a reason…. blah blah blah. But, after all was said & done and paperwork was off for mortgage underwriting and P&S’s were signed the LaughingDad and I both agreed that this one was right and this is where we should surely be, and that the other house just wasn’t it.

Anyway, I’ve been a busy girl. And I’m exhausted. And closings are 5 weeks from today and there’s still so much to do. With the LaughingDad on the road M-F I’ve been multitasking like crazy to keep everything on track & in motion.

The home inspection of our house revealed 4 items that needed attention, so I’ve spent 2 weeks dealing with the oil company, the pest control company, electricians and plumbers. The first 3 were great to deal with. But the plumbers?? Insane! Slower than death to call back – if at all. This item still is not repaired since they are so slow and I’ve only been able to get 1 estimate so far.

And the house we are buying had 5 items that needed repair, so I’ve been talking with our realtor constantly to discuss plumber reports, HVAC reports, repair options, etc.

And then we switched lenders last week, so I had a mountain of paperwork to sign, compile & submit to make sure we can still make our closing date on time. We had been working with our bank, but they were dragging their feet and had no desire to make things happen for our closing date, so we explored our options, found someone better to work with who could easily meet our Nov. 7th date, and had an interest rate 0.25% lower. Win!

So, in 2 weeks I’ve:

  • Had 3 moving companies here for estimates, have chosen one & booked them
  • Had 2 electricians come for estimates and had 1 repair a lamp post
  • Had the pest control company here to verify termite damage is from before we lived here and is inactive
  • Had the oil company here to verify the oil tank is not leaking
  • Have had 3 plumbers here for estimates, a fourth is coming tomorrow, and still have just 1 estimate so far
  • I have been to the insurance agent for a quote & insurance binder on homeowners for the new house
  • Returned to the house we are purchasing for a 2nd visit with the home inspector we hired to recheck two plumbing leaks
  • Completed what seemed like 300 pages of a mortgage app and compiled all supporting documentation over the course of a 24 hour period in order to switch lenders
  • Booked a hotel for the 3 nights we will be between houses
  • I have purchased a washer & dryer to be delivered the day we move in (no, not the front loaders I was dreaming of – the 2nd floor laundry closet is not deep enough to accommodate them, just went with tip-load HE machines.)
  • I’ve made approximately 73 lists of what needs to get done before the movers arrive Nov. 5th, the closing on the 7th, and moving in on the 8th.
  • I’ve been shopping for a dinette set, a server, bathroom accessories and paint colors and have lists all organized of what I will be buying

And I’ve started packing. The movers will be here November 5th, so I have just under 5 weeks to pack. I did clean out and organize the house before it was actually put on the market and we have a storage unit we rented that is completely full of stuff from the house. (It’s a 10×10 unit.) But there are still 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, sunroom, kitchen, basement playroom/office, and a garage to pack.

And I have packed 4 whole boxes as of today. Go me!


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