>Natural Disaster


Courtesy Jenny Leigh

>Today in New England: Hurricane Irene. Yep – we were right in the thick of it for a while. Wind. Rain. Flickering power. Downed trees. Supplies of food & water & batteries just in case. Other than lots of debris in the yard – leaves, twigs, small branches, and flattened house for sale sign – we seem to have made it out OK. The worst seems to be over and the clean up needs to begin. The neighbors have some trees down, but that seems to be the extent of the damage in the ‘hood.

But that’s not the natural disaster I am speaking of.

I am talking about the one that happened in my kitchen this morning. And it was a mess.

On Friday the Laughing Boys and I went shopping at Wally World for some groceries & essentials, and for hurricane supplies (read: junk food!). One item we have bought each week all summer long is a small watermelon. I tend to get those small “personal” ones as they are just the right size for our family for the week. The LB’s would live on watermelon if they could, so one a week is in order.

I should say that I usually don’t do too much grocery shopping at Wally World, but on Friday I was in no mood for lots of shopping or going to 10 stores to get what we needed. Super Wally World seemed to be the only way to get all in one stop, so away we went.

Since Irene was keeping us home this  morning, meaning we wouldn’t have our weekly breakfast out at a favorite diner or Craker Barrel, I decided to whip up a giant breakfast. At one point the Laughing Dad was in the kitchen with me and commented that there was water all over the counter. I said I must have spilled something and continued cooking. He was tending to the boys and I decided to wipe up the water at one point – but there was so much of it. What did I have with water? Where did it come from? Was a dish from the dishwasher (I was multitasking & putting away dishes while cooking!) full of water & I didn’t notice & made the mess?

And then I looked up a bit. Towards the corner of the counter. Towards the cute little watermelon. The cute little watermelon that was clearly not so cute any more. It was busted open, and caved in, and oozing. Everywhere. Holy cow the watermelon had exploded!! It must have been not so fresh when I bought it and sometime Saturday night/Sunday morning it let loose.

The beginning of the school year is now delayed for a 2nd day here in our town due to the damage from the hurricane. I think I should get a delay in cleaning the house for a couple days after the horror of the watermelon & its aftermath!


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