>Sweetest Moments

LB#2 - just shy of 1 year old

LB#2 - just shy of 1 year old

>There are parts of each day that drive me crazy. And there are parts of each day that make me smile. And there are parts of each day that make my heart melt. And sometimes these moments all happen at once. But one part of each day makes me smile from ear to ear, makes my heart melt, and makes me forget that anything about my Laughing Boys ever drives me crazy. And that part of each & every day is MY bedtime!

No, no – not because I’m finally going to pass out after another adventure of a day (since that’s how they all seem to fell right now) – well, that could be part of it I suppose. But when I go to bed I go to our room, turn on my light & a fan, & turn the covers down. And then I grab my flashlight and go into stealth mode!

When it’s finally my turn to go to bed at night I do what I imagine every parent does at night – I go and peek in on my 2 Laughing Boys. I do this every night without fail – and have done so since the day they each came home. Well, I had 2 nights in the hospital when LB#2 was born so couldn’t check on #1 those two nights, and last year I went on a 3 night trip to sunny FLA so couldn’t check on either of them then. But every other night of their lives I have peeked in on them when I’ve gone to bed – and sometimes before and after that as well.

Don’t we all do this? When they are born we want to make sure they are breathing and are OK and from that point on it’s ingrained & never stops – at least not for me. I go to LB#1’s room first & slowly tiptoe over to the be, then carefully turn my light on, look for signs of breathing if I can’t hear him, make sure he can reach his special Froggy, check the covers, then off goes the light & I slowly back out & hope the creaky wood floor doesn’t betray me. Then it’s LB#2’s room – check for breathing, the beloved Puppy, the covers – and then back out I go. And they are just soooo sweet and cute when I look in on them. Such little angel faces, such innocent little boys that I could squeeze forever.

One uncanny thing about checking on them – I am always amazed at what similar positions they are in 85% of the time when I check on them! If LB#1 is on his back, quite often LB#2 is as well. Or if #1 is on his stomach & turned diagonally across the bed then #2 is as well. Of they’ll both be on their left sides but turned around 180° in the bed, or they’ll both be on their backs with their hands behind their heads. And so on. If they were twins or even in the same room I would wonder if there was a connection. So it’s just uncanny that they do this so often.

But it does my heart such good to do this each night. They are such sweet angels – and there are days where they really push my buttons and I’m frazzled and worn out once 7PM hits and I tuck them in. But once I see these sweet faces and see they are OK it kind of wipes the slate clean and I forget what little monsters they were during the day and I’m ready for another day of my sweet boys.

Either that or I’m so exhausted that I’m delirious by 10PM when I check on them and I have no idea that they are faking me out and are merely recharging their monster cells for another day of action once the sun rises again.

But I prefer to go to bed thinking of them as little cuties and not gremlins.


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