>Do You Know What That Means?

Veggie Stir-Fried Rice

Photo courtesy beautifulcataya

>Don’t you love when your child says something that surprises you? No – I don’t mean the comments about body parts that are said all too loudly when you are in a fitting room trying on bathing suits (although I’m glad no one else could see my red face but the boys!). I’m talking about when they come out with an observation about a situation that amazes you, or the use of a big vocabulary word in proper context, or when they point out something and explain how it works – all of those things you had no idea they knew about but yet here they are being all knowing and even kinda smart! OK – you know your child is smart, on the ball, and never misses a trick – but still, how do they know and come up with this stuff??

The other night I gave the Laughing Boys their dinner and then went back to the kitchen to grab my plate. As I set my plate on the dining room table I grabbed the remote to turn off the TV and I hear Laughing Boy #1 pipe up and say “Mommy that looks disgusting.”

I was distracted and and it took and extra second to process that he was talking to me and also to process what he had said.  “Mommy that looks disgusting.”?? What the?? So I looked around, realized he was probably talking about my dinner, and looked back and forth between him and the plate a couple of times – the whole while he was looking at me with half a grin waiting to hear what I had to say about his opinion.

So I asked him if he knew what that even meant.

“Sure – it means your food looks really yucky Mommy.” And then he just smiled some more and began to eat his dinner.

We were all having chicken, rice & veggies – but I had taken my veggies and some chicken and made a little stir-fry for myself, while they ate theirs prepared in a less exciting manner.

But apparently a less disgusting manner.


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