>School Daze

NJ - Florham Park: Little Red Schoolhouse

Photo courtesy wallyg

>When you are pregnant, or have a newborn, or even just very young children, everyone else that has older kids always always seems to tell you to enjoy them and the time with them when they are young. They warn you that the time will go faster than you think and that in the blink of an eye they will be in high school or college or getting married. And as a new parent (or almost new parent) you tend to let this advice slip on by – you always have to take all that parental advice with a grain of salt and this is one of those things, at least for me, that my brain always said “yeah, yeah….” to.

And then I experienced it! And then I wanted to share my wisdom of all things child/time related with other friends that were about to be or were new parents. My time sure does fly!! Seems like LB#1 was just giving us that first smile and then all of a sudden he was talking and then walking and… whoa! Where did it go!

All future parents beware: no one is lying when they tell you this! It’s like parenthood transports you to some strange level of the space-time continuum and although everything seems as normal as can be – there are still 24 hours in the day, clocks still tick by 1 second at a time, and doctors still make you wait 45 mins with an impatient child – but you are seriously transported to the future much more quickly than you ever thought you would be and once you are there you can’t believe that it really happened and that time REALLY DID fly by!

Because here we are with a 3 year (and nearly) 8 month old boy that is going to preschool in 7 weeks! That’s it – 7 weeks and the freedom of childhood ends and he will spend 2 days a week in the beginning stages of a school routine that will stretch out over the next 15 years, and hopefully even more beyond that. OK – that makes it sound like a prison sentence in a way. But it’s such a big change in our life routine. How did we get here where we are sending a boy off to school? Seriously – weren’t we just peeing on sticks, assembling a crib, and picking a name? Wasn’t that video of him crawling from just last month? And where did that mouth full of teeth come from??

But so it begins – off to preschool 2 days a week. And he’ll be going 2 full days, not just a 2.5 or 3 hour morning or afternoon session. He could have gone to preschool last September since he was 2.9 by then, by that would have put him in preschool for 3 years and we didn’t think he was really quite ready at that point. So we were willing to wait a year and have him go just the two years. (And the Laughing Dad was happy not to pay for a 3rd year of school!). But now that he’s older I think the 2 full days are going to be great for him – he’s very ready to be there now. Such big changes for us all.

The Laughing Dad and I are very excited for him, and he is excited as well. But I suspect Laughing Boy #2 is going to be very, very lonely without his big brother around. They are just 15 months apart and are very close and spend each and every day together. He’s never know life without LB#1 around, and LB#1 can’t remember life before LB#2 – as far as they are concerned this is just how it is.

As for me – I will have 2 days a week where I revert to a Mom doing stuff with just 1 child in tow! Woo hoo!! And I will admit I’m looking forward to some time for just the 2 of us – just as I used to have with LB#1 back when he was the only troublemaker in the house.

But I suspect I will still look at my watch and wonder who sped up time and made me the mother of a preschooler. Wait – wasn’t I just at that fraternity party meeting the Laughing Dad for the first time?


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