>Back To Life

Ship #732

Photo courtesy caribb

>Back to reality.

Things have seemed a little crazy here as of late. And then they even got strange. But strange was nice. And now I miss strange.

The Laughing Dad travels for work. This is not anything we had signed up for, but it’s what his current job evolved in to. And none of us like it. He’s gone most of the time and home very little. In fact, it has not been easy. He has traveled as part of his work for about 5 or 6 years now. Sometimes the travel was constant, like the 3 months straight of only being home on weekends when LB#1 was 1 and I was 6 months pregnant with LB#2. And sometimes it’s been just a couple days a month, but there has always been something.

This current job was supposed to have him home more than not, and it did start that way. But 6 months in things changed and it was more & more travel. Until it got to the point that he no longer even has an office here in Boston & he’s strictly working on projects. He spent many many months working in Vancouver, being there every other week and working in the office in Boston when he was here.

That abruptly ended in December and he worked from home for 2 months straight. It was so nice having him home – for all of us! I gained a little sanity, the boys had Daddy to play with, and we felt like a real family for a while. And then he was assigned to another project. This time it’s Calgary. And he hasn’t been home for more than 5 days in a row since February. In fact, the last time it was more than 4 days in row was back in February.

Until last week.

On the 7th he got sick with a stomach bug while in Calgary and didn’t go into the office that day. But he did manage to make it home the following day as scheduled – only to be sick all weekend and on into Monday when he was supposed to leave again. Thanks to the Calgary Stampede (and a limited workload for his office last week) he decided not to travel back Monday when he was still sick and stayed home and worked from home all week. Yes – home.. for a week! This was a very strange occurrence for us! But strange was good!

He departed again this morning for his weekly stint and will be back again Friday for the weekend, as is his current travel schedule. BUT HE WAS HOME FOR 9 WHOLE DAYS!! And he didn’t leave until the morning of the 10th day!!

IT WAS GLORIOUS! The boys were in heaven! I was in heaven! We had fun together, we went to the movies (first time to the movies for the boys!), we went out to eat, we played with sprinklers and inflatable pools, we saw friends, I had real conversations with another adult EVERY DAY!! Did I mention it was GLORIOUS??? He was even here to put the trash out on trash day!

Each week (OK, each DAY) I hope that there’s a job that opens up somewhere close to us that meets his (& our) employment and salary needs. Or I hope that I win the lottery (yes, I do actually buy tickets from time to time – I know you have to actually play to win!).

Until then we are in a travel routine that has all of us missing lots of things. But it also makes us very glad we have each other and are a strong family to deal with it all. It’s either that or I’m actually just plain crazy and merely make it through each day on pure ignorance!


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