>Kerplunk & Kerplooey

Going Old School

Going Old School

>Back from a little break I guess. Really didn’t do much over the holiday weekend as far as celebrations go, but the Laughing Dad was home for the weekend and we spent time together as a family. That was celebration enough for me.

What I wasn’t celebrating was having to reactivate my old BlackBerry for the weekend due to a slight accident with my beloved Droid X.

First of all, let me explain that I am a computer geek. Before staying at home full time with the Laughing Boys I was a computer teacher for about 13 years. Some of my teaching years were also spent doing tech support as well. I have been in love with computers since I got my hands on an Apple IIe in 1982. After all of the time I spent going to college to be a chemistry teacher I ended up getting a job as a computer teacher instead – and I never looked back. And then I couldn’t imagine why I didn’t pursue computers in the first place!

Needless to say I am a true geek girl. And my geekiness with my phone is no exception.

So after our trip to the beach on Thursday we went to our local farmer’s market. It was the opening day for the season and I couldn’t wait to get there and get some fresh food! And the Laughing Boys were excited, too! This is the 3rd year in existence for this market and we were regulars for the previous 2 seasons. We love it! One of their favorite parts is eating while we are there! Apples, blueberries, cherries – and cookies! A local bakery is a vendor there and sells lots of breads and pies and other assorted goodies. Including amazing cookies! Once we make the rounds and get everything we want in terms of veggies and such we quite often get a cookie (they are huge!) to share and play. The market is held on our historic town common which is large enough to leave plenty of play space once the farmer’s market is all set up.

We stuck to our routine last week – but the boys decided to be little Mischievous Boys while we were there and I spent some time chasing and corralling them so they wouldn’t escape the confines of the common. At one point one of their Camelback bottles was tossed in the top of the stroller as I bolted to grab a runaway #2. And I really didn’t think about what I had done, or that it was left there. I still use one of our MacLaren Triumphs for #2 when we are out & about and the canopy, when pushed back, is a great place to stash keys, wallets. etc., and in this case a water bottle that needed a quick home.

And apparently I had put my phone in the canopy of the stroller – something I almost never do. It’s usually in my pocket or purse. And apparently the Camelback that was tossed in there was leaking a bit – something it almost never does. And you can pretty much guess the rest.

When I got my phone out I was a bit confused about what I was seeing and what was going on. I think I was already in shock – I surely knew what was going on and had totally processed it all. But yet I was almost literally scratching my head. It had gone kerplunk. And kerplooey. (One of my favorites – go to 14:18 to hear it!)

As luck would have it I did not have insurance on the Droid X. Nor was I eligible for an upgrade. So a chunk of change later one was on its way but wouldn’t be here until yesterday. So on Friday morning I activated my old BlackBerry just to have something to use until the replacement arrived.

Oh the horror. It was so slow. And limited. And ugly. And I remember when I got it and was in heaven. Perspective is everything.

And so is phone insurance. I now have it. And likely will until the boys are 30.


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