Laughing Boy #1 and his perma-grin!

Laughing Boy #1 and his perma-grin!

>And the living is easy!

I know, I know – totally overused. But in this case it’s so true!

Today was one of those completely perfect days. Total bliss. For me and the Laughing Boys. Temps around 78°, light breeze, just a few puffy clouds in the sky, and we spent the day at the beach! We were all in heaven! They splashed, kicked, and flailed around in the water. They built sandcastles, dug holes, drove trucks in the sand/mud. We played together in the water, we panned for “gold”, we built a big sandcastle together and gave it a big moat. I sat in my chair for a while and just watched their total joy and excitement.

We had a picnic, we got a treat from the ice cream truck, and then we played some more.

It was glorious! I was so relaxed and unwound a bit.

And they were kids – kids in love with summer and everything about it. And it made my heart swell and my mouth smile to see them be so happy and to have such fun.

This is what it’s all about!


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