>Moving On

port-a-potties as far as the eye can see

Courtesy massdistraction

>So, Laughing Boy #1 has proven to be the most difficult and stubborn child in the world when it comes to potty training. He is currently 3 years 7 months old, and refuses to go on the potty. I could go on & on here about the last year of our potty training saga. But I think that requires another post. A long one. It’s been a long hard road. And right now we are stuck in a ditch.

At this point I have moved on. Moved on to Laughing Boy #2. (LB#2 is currently 2 years 4 months.) And I am so happy and excited! The kid peed 4 times for me today! And he loves doing it! And he’s happy to that it makes me happy! And it’s all soooooo stress free!! Every night for the last 2 weeks he has gone potty before getting into the tub for his bath. So today we started with some serious training. He managed to go 4 times today and I am ecstatic! Elated! I shared with facebook his accomplishment and my joy! I want to put a sign on the front lawn and take out an ad in the paper! I have a kid that can pee!!

After all of the frustration with LB#1 this is a treat! I just hope that all continues to go this well and I truly have a potty trained child in a matter of time.

I just never dreamed my 1st potty trained child would be #2 and not #1.


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