>Proof Positive

Single Suite>I have a theory I would love to test. Of course actually getting the chance to test it would truly never happen. But boy, would I love to give this one a try! My theory is that if someone gave me the chance to sleep for 4 or 5 days straight that I could do it. So we’re talking quiet, secluded cabin on a lake. Or maybe a luxurious resort hideaway. Or just a soundproof room in a mental hospital. (Is that what they are called these days, or did I just piss someone off?). Anyway – anything like that would work.

I’m talking no chores to do. No cleaning. No cooking. No diaper changes. No snacks to fetch. No milk cups to fill. Certainly no laundry! Not a single care or human being (or fur-baby!) that needs tending to for 4 days. Not even myself to think of since I’ll be sleeping. (Note to self: investigate those NASA diapers so I don’t even have to get up to pee.).

Then give me a bed, lots of quiet, and go away. I bet I’m out cold in under a minute, drooling within 3, and snoring within 4. Seriously. It’s not that I’m that sleep deprived, it’s just that I’m worn down & worn out. Don’t get me wrong – being a stay at home Mom is exactly where I want to be and what I want to be doing. But with the Laughing Dad traveling so much, and with the house for sale, and with the Laughing Boys putting me through my paces these days, I am frazzled.

Proof I am tired? A couple nights ago I woke about 5AM with a terrible pain in my side. As I tried to figure out where I was and WTF was going, on something moved and brought me to my senses. It was Laughing Boy #1. The pain was his cute little tootsies kicking me in my back and kidneys. Apparently he was sleeping with me and had turned sideways and was kicking me in his sleep.

I say apparently because I had NO idea he was in bed with me. None at all. Not a clue. And that kind of freaked me out. Most nights he gets up once, maybe twice. He walks to our room, up to my side of the bed, and I pick him up, take him back to his room & tuck him in, and then we all go to back to sleep for the rest of the night. We have a small house, but I still use baby monitors for both boys and I always hear him get out of bed and walk down the hall. A couple times I’ve not woken until he was standing beside me & tapping either me or the bed. But I always hear and and wake up. Well, until a couple nights ago.

Once we were up a questioned him a bit – he told me he came in, I didn’t/wouldn’t wake up so we went around to the other side of the bed and climbed in (the Laughing Dad was on a trip). He said he got the pillow straightened out the way he wanted it, got himself covered up & went back to sleep. I have no idea if this was at midnight or 4:30AM. But there he was – in bed with me and I didn’t even know it.

Total proof I am in need of some recharging and a 4 (or 5 or 6 or 7!) day slumber.

And if you are inclined to help out here, I think I would really enjoy this test at the aforementioned lake retreat. Just sayin’.


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