>Extreme Cleaning

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>Our house is for sale. We have lived here for 9+ years, and it was great when we bought it. A little, cozy, 3BR ranch that was a perfect fit for the 2 of us and 2 Laughing Kitties. But then we added 2 Laughing Boys,  and so now we use the term “cozy” in Realtor terms, meaning too small! So it’s for sale, and we are on the hunt for something bigger for the 5 of us and 2398472938 toys. Yes, just 1 Laughing Kitty now, so just 5 of us. And I’m pretty sure that toy count is quite accurate.

This is our first house sale – this house was (is) our very first house. So we have purchased before, but we have never sold. And getting ready to sell was no picnic! Holy crap I wish someone had warned me! All of the de-cluttering, storing, staging, and cleaning took way too much hard work! It’s amazing how things accumulate over the years – and we just rented a dumpster and purged 2 years ago when we re-did our finished basement!  And the Laughing Dad travels extensively, so I did about 97% of it all!

But that’s over and done with it and I am left with the curse of it all. Yes – there is a curse when you have a house for sale. It’s called cleaning. Daily cleaning. And sometimes even hourly cleaning. It’s almost irrational how much I clean. We didn’t want to place any sort of “24 hr notice required” for showings, or any other time limit, really. We just asked for “some” notice in hopes of an hour or two to get ready if someone wanted to see it. We are all for getting people in here and getting someone to buy it!

But…. that means this place is cleaner than it’s been since the day we moved in (and had spent 2 full weekends cleaning an EMPTY house from stem to stern!). And that means I practically follow 2 Laughing Boys around with wipes and a broom and Pledge and Windex! EVERY TIME we leave the house there’s not a toy or chair or strategically placed piece of decor out of place in case we get a call for a showing to be done while we are out. The bathroom now gets cleaned top to bottom 2 times a week, and gets a nightly wipe-down as well. Floors are swept daily & mopped often. Rugs are vacuumed a couple times a week and the Dustbuster remains plugged in at all times so it can be used on a daily basis as I follow the boys around the house. And microfiber cloths are nearly permanently attached to my hands for all the times I am cleaning the granite kitchen counters each day.

Insane, I say!

But I love it! I love my super clean house! Not that we lived in squalor before. Were there some killer dust bunnies from time to time? I may have seen 1 or 2 (or a small herd) here and there. And there have been times I’ve asked friends to admire the dust but to refrain from writing their names in it. And I once found a dried up gherkin under the dining room table that I prodded with a knife before daring to pick it up. But when you have kids, young kids, young kids that are close in age, there are times (OK – many times!) when things slip a little. And by things I mean the cleaning. In the pecking order of things, cleaning is always the first to go. Like I would give up some solid sleep (or any sleep!) for a chance to mop!

Here’s to hoping the new house comes with a maid!


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