>The Witching Hour


Courtesy of polaire801

>I know that every family – and every kid – has a witching hour. I know I am not in a unique situation here. But good grief! How old do they get before this eases up just a bit? I just feel the need to whine about this one.

My 2 Laughing Boys are just 15 months apart. They are currently 3.5 years old (3 years, 7 months) and not quite 2.5 years old (2 years, 4 months). Some days it’s like having twins. And once the witching hour rolls around it’s insane.

And by witching hour I really mean 3 hours. They tend to start in around 4-ish and it never seems to calm down until nearly 7. And the only reason it ends then is because that’s when they go to bed. Of course the worst of it is when I am cooking dinner – how are kids born with that innate sense of being as bad as they can be when we are cooking or on the phone? Seriously. Isn’t this something every kid does. As soon as a Mom’s hand touches a phone or a kitchen utensil it’s like a strange connection is established with the kids and they go bezerk. What gives?

I also have a VERY small kitchen – so I do not allow them in there with me when I cook for fear of a major kitchen catastrophe. So they take the opportunity of Mommy being stuck in the kitchen to hit the road and escape to a far off bedroom and begin World War III. I think for 2 weeks straight they have ended up sitting in their chairs at the table for a good 15-20 minutes while I finish cooking.

If only I could find the magic fix for this one.


2 thoughts on “>The Witching Hour

    • Good to know I am not alone in my suffering! If I ever get that Genie in a bottle thing with 3 wishes, I shall wish for an end to the witching hour for everyone!

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