>I Lied

ice cream truck, side

The Music Truck

>It’s summer. That means lots of fun things like trips to the playground, and to the beach. And bubbles and sidewalk chalk. And trikes and scooters. And Wiffle Ball and Frisbee. And sunscreen and bug spray. And sprinklers and inflatable pools.

And music trucks.

What? You have never heard of the music truck? I’m shocked. Really. It’ this nice truck that drives around the neighborhood during the summer, quite often in the evenings, and plays nice little songs for everyone to hear. Many times the song is “Pop Goes The Weasel”, but there are others as well like “It’s A Small World” and “The Entertainer”.

Oh – that’s right, most people know this as the ice cream truck. My 2 Laughing Boys think it just plays music for their enjoyment. OK – they do know ice cream trucks exist – there’s one that comes to the beach we spend most of our time at in the summer. And yes, I have bought them ice cream from it before. But they think this truck in our neighborhood is just for our listening pleasure. We have made it a point to not make a connection between the ice cream truck at the beach and the neighborhood music truck. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if the older Laughing Boy finally calls my bluff this summer. Can’t get much past that one any more.

What? Don’t tell me you’ve never come up with such a story?!


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