>Messy, Messy, Messy

The Laughing Jeep

The Laughing Jeep - before it left the dealership.

>Messy, Messy, Messy – famous words uttered by Professor Hinkle in the classic Frosty The Snowman Christmas special (1:25 mark) when his inept attempts at magic lead to a mess of cracked eggs on the floor. These are also the words I have been uttering for months about my Jeep. Actually, this is a gross understatement. But in an attempt to keep it Rated G in front of the Laughing Boys I’ve stuck with this.

I used to be a teacher. Which meant I used to have summers off. And so I used to do lots of stuff like read books, and sit in the sun, and there were a couple summers I did a lot of running and biking. And I would go shopping. (I NEEDED to be on the lookout ALL summer for back-to-school clothes, of course!) And I took immaculate care of my Jeeps. Yes, we are a Jeep family. The current one, the one that is gigantic and is our version of a mini-van (I loathe the mini-van, but I think that’s another post…), is my 4th one, and the 6th one that we have owned. The previous 3 that were “mine” spent summer vacations getting washed, waxed, vacuumed, and detailed. Several times. Over and over. I think they were more detailed and waxed than I ever was.

But now? HA! This is THE dirtiest Jeep I have ever owned. I have had it for just over 2 years. So this will be the 3rd summer it has been in the family, and it has yet to have the summer pampering I bestowed upon its predecessors.

Why? Ummm – did you miss the part about the Laughing Boys? There are 2 of them. They are 3 and 2. And they are, well… messy! We go out and about nearly every day, and anyone with kids knows you don’t go out and about without drinks and snacks. Nor do you take long road trips to Maine to see the family without drinks and snacks. Nor do you not live in New England and go the winter without a box of Kleenex in the car. Nor do you get away with eating something without somehow trying to pass a sample back to the peanut gallery so they can have some too.

So there’s no way around the Kix, the Fruity Cheerios, the used balled up Kleenex, the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish (cheese and pretzel varieties!), the odd pieces of blueberry muffin, or *gasp*  – even a french fry or two! And of course the drips of water from the Camelback bottles and sippy cups merely add neat little circles for snack dust and errant pieces of dirt and blanket fuzz to collect to. Adds sort of a polka dot theme to the whole mess. Thank goodness we keep milk out of the thing – I would hate to see the level of mess (and stench!) that would add.

And so why do I ramble on & on about Jeep grime? Well, I finally had a chance yesterday to go to the car wash BY MYSELF while the Laughing Dad entertained the mess makers for a while. I did wash the Jeep, but I spent most of my time digging out the inside. And as I hoed the thing out everything I found, touched, and maybe even jumped back from a little bit made me smile. 109 paint chip samples from Home Depot that are shaped like Mickey Mouse, the 1 and only book we seem to keep in there that the older Laughing Boy will “read” and make up a different story about every time, the black bear toys they got as prizes after haircuts during the winter (what a torturous outing that was!), 3 links of a set of baby teething rings that have been in there for nearly the 2+ years we’ve owned the thing, little boy sunglasses that are still too huge for their little noggins and make them look like bugs, a few odd stickers from Dr. visits that were abandoned before reaching home, the blankies they snuggle with every time we go somewhere, even if it’s just to the corner store, and on & on & on.

It’s a disaster in there. A total mess. Nearly a war zone. But it’s their mess. And every little piece, as frustrating as it was to clean out all of those nooks and crannies, made me smile. And laugh. And smile some more.

Note to self: cover floors and seats of Jeep with Saran Wrap. Or next time just use a pressure washer. $6 to vacuum is insane!


2 thoughts on “>Messy, Messy, Messy

  1. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I washed my car – and I can’t really blame it on the kids (even though they are in my car a lot). I went on strike once thinking I could get the teenager to clean her stuff out (didn’t happen)…so far the toddler isn’t very messy, though she does have a habit of leaving her cups in the car (kinda my fault for not reminding her about them).

  2. One week later, and one trip to Maine, and I think I’m back where I started. I need to get my Jeep redone like the inside of an ambulance so it can be hosed out at the end of the day.

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