>Recycle_A_Bicycle-4It’s a wonder that my brain functions some days. And it’s a wonder it even functions enough to mull things over several times a day. And it’s a wonder that I remember those thoughts later and can write them down. So I was shocked when…. when….. damn. Can’t remember where I was going.

Oh – I know. I think I’ve decided to give this blog a bit of a revival. When I first started it I had a nearly 2 year old and a 6 month old and my brain was nothing but mush. And I was way too overtired, and I had no sense of anything besides to survive each day. And I thought I had an idea for a little brain-clearing blogging. But that just never happened. Surviving each day left me merely babbling, or so it felt at the time. That was nothing coherent that could be translated to this.

Another 6 months after that, and a couple months of a little improvement in the sanity department, I became an avid coupon user & bargain hunter extroardinaire – something I still do, and rather excitedly at that. So I started to do a little coupon blogging. Which is done by 29384399 people these days. Not sure I have or ever had, a unique voice on that front.

But somewhere in my head the voices are rumbling again. So once again I am dusting this off and going to see where it goes. Maybe it will end up being an odd collection of nothing more than some ramblings that only I enjoy, but then maybe that’s what it needs to be if nothing else. So the dustbunnies have been cleared and we’re off to the races once again.

And my random thought for today: People that drive 75mph on the Mass Pike in the pouring rain without their headlights on are idiots. I’m talking middle of the day, folks. Obviously anyone who did this at night would have to be filed under a “stupid human tricks” post.


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